Spyker #210 stands out as one of the most unique Spyker cars, boasting an array of distinctive options. Notable features include a 4-quad exhaust, a dashboard with an Alcantara top, a deviation from the typical diamond stitch interior, black calipers, and wheels painted in the car's color. Moreover, it is one of the three Spyker cars adorned with the iconic Maserati MC12 livery.

However, its history took a tragic turn in 2009 when the initial owner, regrettably, had a short-lived experience with the car. In 2012, while the owner was dining in a restaurant, the car suffered a devastating fire, shortly after being returned from a workshop where the battery had been replaced. The extent of the damage led to the car being declared a total loss, subsequently put up for sale by the insurance company.

A buyer in the UK acquired the burnt wreck, along with another Spyker wreck, #044. Attempting to combine the two, it became apparent that #044, a CPP bodied Laviolette, and #210, a Karmann bodied Spyder, were not compatible. The project did not succeed, leading to the sale of the components.

In late 2019, Jasper acquired the chassis and remnants of this Spyker from an industrial area in the UK where it had been left, with weeds growing through it. Now under Jasper's ownership, this unique Spyker is poised for a new chapter, awaiting restoration and potentially recapturing its former glory.



In 2020, a comprehensive rebuilding process is underway for Spyker #210. The engine has already undergone a meticulous reconstruction, preserving the bottom block to maintain the integrity of the "matching numbers." This careful approach ensures the authenticity of the Spyker while breathing new life into its components. The restoration project aims to revive the car and bring it back to its former glory, capturing the essence of its unique features and making it roadworthy once again.