When should the filter/dryer be replaced?

This filter is part of service package B and will be replaced during a regular vehicle maintenance operation.

The filter/dryer is a filter unit placed on the high pressure side of the AC system between the condenser and the expansion valve. The operation of this part ensures that any grit and moisture is filtered out of the AC system. The filter dryer also contains refrigerant and oil (lubricant).

The filter/dryer is crucial for optimal operation of the AC system and especially for the compressor. Absorbing the moisture prevents internal corrosion and also ensures good lubrication of the system and the compressor. In addition, small contaminants are filtered so that they do not get into the system and so can cause blockage at the condenser, expansion valve, evaporator or even lead to compressor failure.

If the filter/dryer is worn or saturated, it will no longer work properly. This can cause blockage which will increase the pressure in the AC system and affect the operation of the other AC parts. The compressor in particular is very sensitive to this.

The filter /dryer must be replaced regularly. It is recommended to do this every 2 year or when opening and maintaining the AC system.

If a new compressor is installed, the filter/dryer must always be replaced. The filter/dryer must also be replaced when a leak in the system has been rectified. During system flushing, the filter/dryer must be removed and replaced after the procedure. Use the manual when adding additives such as UV dye, Lek-Stop or flushing agent. Excessive or incorrect use of the oil or additives will negatively affect the operation of the filter/dryer.

Avoid exposure to the outside air by not removing the protective caps from the filter/dryer during repair.

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