In October 2022, I acquired this C8 Double12S for my private collection. Boasting a distinctive black and gold color combination and a plethora of options, this Spyker stands out as a truly unique gem. Among its exclusive features is the Louis Vuitton luggage set, comprising two LV bags and two suitcases. The dashboard showcases Chronoswiss gauges, an Alcantara top, heated seats, a periscope mirror, and distinguishes itself as one of the rare Spykers equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission.





                                                                              Spyker x Louis Vuitton

In 1907 a standard model Spyker 14/18HP Tourer fitted with a bespoke Louis Vuitton luggage set became legendary after competing in the famous grueling Peking to Paris raid, taking second place. Customers could order this Louis Vuitton luggage set including a bespoke tool kit exclusively made for Spyker.