In October 2020, SpykerEnthusiast took on the ambitious task of restoring and transforming the #008 Spyker Double12s. Originally designed as a homologation car for Le Mans racecars, the Double12s featured a Mader BMW V8 race engine but lacked roadworthiness. The goal of the project was to conduct a full body-off restoration, converting the vehicle into a roadworthy and road-legal masterpiece.

The restoration process was extensive and meticulous. Commencing with a complete disassembly, the car underwent a thorough paint job to rejuvenate its exterior aesthetics. Simultaneously, a comprehensive reupholstery effort was initiated, breathing new life into the vehicle's interior.

Technical modifications played a pivotal role in the transformation. The race engine was replaced, and a new fuel tank was installed. To accommodate additional components for enhanced functionality, such as an air conditioning pump and an alternator, the firewall was repositioned, and a pulley was added to the crankshaft.

The technical enhancements didn't stop there. The engine received a suite of upgrades, including a new Engine Control Unit (ECU), fusebox, and catalyst converters. These improvements were crucial for optimizing performance, meeting emission standards, and ensuring overall reliability on the road.






























In April 2022 the #008 came back to us after having some electrical issues, at the moment she is standing at the workshop.



Aug 2022; The Double12S is finished and back to roadworthy again, she will hit the road in the UK and will come back in about a couple months.


March 2023 the #008 came back to SpykerEnthusiast for maintenance like renewing the oil, and making her more reliable for city traffic. She will also be present at the IAMS in Amsterdam there for it will be completely detailed again by Detailing Girl Esmee.