Spyker pre production 001, also known as the  “Maarten de Bruijn” car.

This car is what we think as “the one with the most history”. After this prototype was build in Coventry (2002) by Maarten de Bruijn and being assembled in Zeewolde it woud be sold as the #002 to the very first Spyker customer. In the year 2003 this car was on a big dutch car show the “AutoRai” in Amsterdam and after that delivered to his new owner. This customer was not very satisfied about this cars quality and brought it back to the Spyker factory in Zeewolde. The #002 would be used as a personal development car for the founder Maarten de Bruijn. A lot of improvement he added to the chassis and body/interior, so it could not function anymore as a production example. Later on chassis number #002 turned on to RDW chassis number #001, technically this number was still free cause the original #001 had an English prototype chassis number. The interesting part is that the pre production 001 still has some old details after the upgrade in Zeewolde, like the door windows in one piece, the original opening mechanism from the trunk (this is done by turning the propellors of the back logo), the chocolate brown dashboard top, and fuel bags that only the first four Spyker cars have like Formule 1 cars.

In the years after this the car didn’t appear anymore, and was abandoned and left to collect dust in a corner of the factory in Zeewolde.

Some photo's from back in the days and building the #001

History photo's from the making of the #001 





Februari 2017 Jasper bought the pre production car from Spyker in Zeewolde and brought it to a garage to replace a new steer house and some polishing, this was the third Spyker he bought. At first he didn’t know if the car was gray or black, due to the amount of dust collected over the years. After some contacting back and forth with founder Maarten de Bruijn who didn’t work at Spyker anymore, Maarten asked Jasper if he could see his beloved personal car, and came to visit it while standing at a workshop in Dordrecht. 


When the car came back home to Jasper, some ex workers from Spyker assembled new headlights that were also missing.


After that the pre production Spyker went to a detailer for some extra polishing, dent repair and bodywork to preserve the original paint. The colour of this car is called Pentland Green, and is never used on any other Spyker car.


In April 2019, Jasper received an invitation to showcase his collection at the International Motor Show in Rai Amsterdam. Eager to contribute, he collaborated with the organizers to present a remarkable "Tribute to Spyker" exhibit. This extraordinary event featured an impressive lineup of eleven Spyker cars, creating a unique and unforgettable moment. The inclusion of the pre-production 001, signed by Victor Muller, the CEO and founder of Spyker Cars, added an extra layer of significance to the "Tribute to Spyker" showcase. The rarity of such an occurrence leaves uncertainty about the possibility of a similar event in the future.


At the moment the pre production is under construction again, she is being made roadworthy, getting big maintenance, and new aluminium fuel tanks instead of the original F1 type fuel bags. The fuel bags were not in good quality anymore and caused leakages. Also a new engine computer will be made since the old one was removed by the factory for testing the throttle. 


August 2020: She is ready to have a new timing belt.




In 2021 the Pre Production #001 project was finished