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Years of precision engineering combined with a passion for restoring these Dutch special cars is how Jasper started SpykerEnthusiast. Located in The Netherlands, the country where Spyker started. Working together with the highest quality manufacturers, the same ones Spyker used. You can rest assure that the level of quality of our parts and the restoring of cars is unsurpassed.
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I have had the pleasure of working closely with Jasper for some time within the Spyker world. He has sourced cars for me to acquire for my collection; he has serviced these same cars to a very high level in his workshop; helped to research and document their histories; and he has magically found many OEM parts which we needed in order to prepare the cars to my usual standards. I would not be a Spyker owner unless I knew I could rely on his kind assistance and seemingly unlimited expertise at all times!
Michael K.
Michael K. USA
Jasper is a very dedicated specialist in his line of work. He can build a C8 with his eyes closed, better than the factory ever did. Have had multiple cars in his service. Really trustworthy adress to service your valuable Spyker!
George S.
George S. Belgium
As proud owner of the Spyker C8 Spyder with production number 016, I do enjoy the pleasure of driving this fabulous machine. However, this means that sometimes I face the challenge of getting repair and replacement parts for my Spyker. This used to be a tiresome experience as there was no official dealer or repair shop known who could help with replacement parts. Fortunately this changed since Jasper filled this vacuum. I therefor strongly recommend to use his knowledge and enjoy his service. Jasper keeps the Spyker dream alive!
Remco D.
Remco D. The Netherlands
I’m new to the world of Spyker and when I purchased my car late last year, I had no idea where to purchase parts or get service. I searched on the forum and the one person that everyone recommended was Jasper. He has come through for me in every way possible on getting me parts that I thought it was impossible! I highly recommend anyone that is looking for anything that has to do with Spykers. He is a huge asset to our community.
Amir B.
Amir B. USA

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