The genesis of SpykerEnthusiast traces back to the remarkable #013, a wide-bodied Spyker built in 2003. This particular model holds historical significance as the pioneer of Spyker's broadened design. Initially utilized at Cosworth for ABS testing, the #013 was also the inaugural car configured with North-American settings.

Originally presented in a pristine aluminum finish, the #013 underwent a transformative journey. In a symbolic gesture marking the owner's wedding at CPP, the car received a distinctive paint job, transforming it into an elegant white masterpiece adorned with striking orange striping.

In 2016, a pivotal moment unfolded when Jasper acquired the #013. This acquisition marked a significant shift for Jasper, who had previously parted ways with his Ferraris. Little did he anticipate the profound impact this Spyker would have. Unbeknownst to him, the #013 became the catalyst for SpykerEnthusiast's inception, setting the stage for a new chapter in his automotive journey.

Thus, the #013 stands not only as a testament to Spyker's innovative design and technological prowess but also as the transformative spark that ignited the passion leading to the establishment of SpykerEnthusiast.



In his first Spyker project, Jasper aimed to elevate a factory test car to showroom condition. Following the principle of comprehensive restorations, the process began from scratch. The goal was not just to meet factory standards but to exceed them, creating a meticulously crafted automotive masterpiece.


The front and rear are being prepped so they will be protected against corrosion. The final color will be "Gun Metal" grey.


Determined the precise location for the door sill text. Now, onto additional sanding and applying three layers of clear coat, with sanding in between using a 3000-grit finish and polishing. Achieved impressive results with the completion of the initial panels!

While the bodywork is in progress, Jasper simultaneously began working on the engine and prepped the front. This involved installing new fans, adding a freshly shield, and placing the original stickers onto the panels.
Following extensive preparation work, the front, rear, and doors have been primed. The next steps involve applying multiple layers of paint, clear coat, and undergoing meticulous sanding and polishing processes.
Next a coat over the primer.
The inner pieces have been done, and the first parts are ready. (live from the paint booth)
Gathering the initial components and commencing the installation of the new parts.
Revamping the rear lights of #013 with the installation of new tail lights. These are also available for purchase, providing a noticeable and contemporary upgrade.
Significant progress has been achieved; two experienced Spyker mechanics performed the alignment of all panels, and the results are evident!
Installing the interior components onto the door. Progressing through the restoration's prime phases: interior enhancement, fitting door seals, and polishing key parts for this exquisite beauty.
The hardtop has returned from painting, and we're thrilled with the transformative effect it has on the car's overall appearance.
Adding the refurbished foglight tubes and rewired them.
Adding the new front lip.
The floor matts have arrived from the upholsterer and the persicope mirror has been mounted.
The rear trunk pieces for #013 were either missing or never installed, prompting Jasper to craft them himself.
The luggage room upholstery is getting done.
Completed this amazing project, opting for a buckskin inner liner instead of a white roof. The #013 remains a cherished part of our private collection. While we're not actively using it, we simply revel in the beauty of its shine!